Digital Twin


A digital twin is the virtual image of a machine, which, however, is alive compared to a CAD design. Even before the physical machine exists, the digital twin enables the simulation of processes, the testing of programs and above all: the elimination of bugs even before they occur. This significantly reduces the commissioning time of the ordered machine and thus has a cost-cutting effect.

The possibility of a later live simulation of the machine during the running process brings further advantages.

Processes, work steps and parameters of the machine can be controlled directly via the digital twin. Monitoring the plant with regard to condition monitoring is child’s play. A clear visualization in combination with sensibly selected color schemes for maintenance intervals and malfunctions set the course for predictive maintenance. Unplanned downtimes are now a thing of the past.

In addition, all operating data of the digital twin – and thus also that of the physical machine – can be read out externally in real time if required.

Furthermore, the programming and integration of further component variants can first be prepared and tested on the digital twin. This ensures that the transfer to the physical world can be carried out as cost-effectively as possible.

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