We converted an idea into a clearly defined goal:
We want to transform the advantages of digitization into customer benefits.

To do this, we take paths that no one before us has taken.
We take on challenges that no one has faced before us.
We show solutions that no one has shown before us.

With the Hololens from Microsoft, in combination with a custom-developed digital twin of your machine, we enable a virtual walk-through including condition monitoring.
The Vario-X from Murrelektronik keeps us up to date with current machine data in real time.
Thus, as seen in the video, the transitions between the real plant and its digital twin in virtual space become blurred.

This results in countless advantages:

-Live tracking of process stability
-Predictive Maintenance
-Recognition of optimization potential
-And a lot more

All of this adds up to increased profitability for your business.